Developmental Weightlifting

Want to Olympic Weightlift Like a Boss? Developmental Weightlifting is where you need to be!

The Double Barrel Developmental Weightlifting program is focused on increasing athletes’ familiarity with the basic, fundamental tenants of weightlifting. Our knowledgeable coaching staff break down the snatch and clean jerk into each elemental movement, while explaining the core concepts involved. Instruction is given in measured cues that focus an athlete’s attention. Each week, coaches help athletes improve in the foundations of weightlifting:
Flexibility, Speed, Foot Work, Grip, Position.

The aim in this program is not necessarily to lift heavy, but rather to practice good technique that then translates into an ability to move the barbell in a proficient manner, thereby increasing strength gains over time.

We follow a 6 week Program that builds on what was learned the session before and gets us ready for the next session. At the end of the 6 week cycle we host a Mock Weightlifting Meet where our new lifter get a chance to put their new skills to work while enjoying the experience of a actual weightlifting meet.

Next Cycle starts April 1st.

You can choose Either morning or Evening Classes.

Monday/Wednesday Night @ 6:30pm and on Saturday @ 10:30am.


Tuesday & Thursday @6:00am and on Saturday @ 10:30am.


Cost for 6 week, 3x's/week program and small group coaching: 

$49 for DBF members

$149 for Non-members *

*Non-Members will be required to schedule a Free Fitness assessment first to determine if program is the right fit for them, one-on-one personal training sessions may be needed.

- Team Double Barrel