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Don’t Kill My Vibe

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Double Barrel Fitness – CrossFit


Teams of 2-3

AirDyne 100-calories

If completed:

Under 2min = zero penalties

Between 2-2.30min = 20 slamballs as a team (use one ball)

Between 2.30-3min = 30 slamballs as a team

Over 3min = 40 slamballs as a team


Racked Barbell Stretches


5 Rounds for Time:

Assault Bike

20 weighted step overs

10 Box jump overs

Rx+ = 40/30cal, 55/35

Performance = 35/25cal, 45/25, 24″/20″

Fitness = 30/20cal, plate jumps

22-Minute Time Cap


Step up, step down – jog back to the start

Lateral step-up, step down – go down facing one direction and back facing the other

Jump up, step down – jog back x 2

Then, with load:

3 Rounds:

6 Step up and overs

3 Box jump overs

*Add load each round

Cash Out

2 Rounds:

1-minute quad pose

1-minute regular seated to-toes hamstring stretch (each side