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Don’t Forget to check in!! Attendance challenge ends July 31st.
Nutrition Challenge starts Aug 1st. Tell your coach you want in!!

Double Barrel Fitness – CrossFit


Teams of 2:

10 under/overs each


5 burpee leap frogs each


Then, 3 Rounds:

3 x seated box jumps (add height each round)

3 x broad jump (add distance each round)


General Snatch Warm-up with PVC

PVC Complex + over the back stretches = BTN presses


Power Snatch (3 x 3)

3 x 3-position power snatch. Add load each set.


Work up to working weight and perform 1-2 hang power snatch. Adjust as needed.

Perform 6 KB swing at a lower weight, then 6 more at workout weight.


5-minute AMRAP:

1 Hang power snatch

6 KB Swing

Rx+ = 225/115

Performance = 185/125, 53/35

Fitness = 3 HPS @ 75/55, 35/26

Cash Out

5-minute row at conversational pace.