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Don’t Let Me Down

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Double Barrel Fitness – CrossFit


Across the box side stretch

Wall stretch

Flexi swimmer stretch

Roxanne vs. Red Light

Partner A does 1 burpee every time the song says “Roxanne”

Partner B does 1 burpee every time the song says “red light”


2 Rounds:

5 jumping pull ups

5 squats

5 sit ups

5 lunges (each side)

30sec right arm plank

30sec left arm plank


Teams of 4-6 with 1-PVC pipe:

1min jumping pull ups

2min rest

2min Team Squat

2min rest

2min Team situps

2min rest

4min Team lunges

2min rest

1min Team right arm plank

2min rest

1min Team left arm plank

Cash Out

Lying pigeon stretches

DB extension stretches